Rhenegades Original Recipe
pedigree and health certifications
Bliss is now retired and nuetered.
Hi, I am Bliss, I am sweet as cotton Candy and the most gentle chow on the planet :-) My above pictures I
am blowing my coat so forgive me, my mom had just groomed me even though I looked like a patch work
quilt. :-) It happens when we blow coat which is 2x a year. I don't think I could ever hurt anyone,
regardless of the situation. My mom says I have the soul of an ancient old wise man. :-) I am loved dearly
and while I won't be having anymore children I am as much a part of the Rhenegade Chows as anyone, I
am the 2nd founding father here. :-) I am named because of the joy I brought to my after Rhenegade died.
She named me Bliss. I'd be happy  to meet you,  I am the exception to the rule.