Colors and Coat
While our chowdren come in 5 recognized colors and 2 recognized coat types, a 6th color is NOT recognized it is Merle, otherwise known as Pie Bald, and a 3rd coat type is also unofficial, English Rough Coat.. Smoth: short hair. Rough:
with mane and featherings than can vary from 2.5 inches to 6 inches. English coat, the length in between smooth and rough, though it is still considered a rough coat but easier to maintain. Most chows are English coated Roughs.As for
Colors, they can vary in lightness and darkness. From near white to butterscotch in creams, to jet black with black with a white shaded tail. Reds can be almost as light as creams with an orange whisp, to a very dark mahogany red.
Cinnamons are similar to reds but lack warmth in tone. It is the most misunderstood color in our breed. Every other country calls cinnamons, 'fawn'. The confusion comes with the name Cinnamon, we think of dark bright red when we think
of a cinnamon stick. The color couldnt be further from that thought. Its more like the color of beach sand, or if you took cinnamon and sugar and mixed them together. they can be light almost cream, to dark like chocolate. Blues can be
silver in color to off black. As puppies most do not resemble what they look like as an adult. So it can be a bit hard for you to understand what they will look like when chosing a puppy. I will say, have an idea, but be prepared to love your
chowdren for who they are not the color they are. Watching them develop and change colors is most fascinating. Here are adult colors I will do another page soon that shows the develop of a few particular colors from newborn to adult and
all the changes in between.
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Rhenegade Chows. Black Smooth
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