Rhenegade Chows Kennels
As of Nov 2009, we are completing our kennel rebuild. Our kennels are set on
concrete foundations cushioned with straw, they have lights, heat and running
water. They have doggie pools behind thier houses, and running water. The
landscaping has yet to be completed.
Peter Playing with Bliss and Brandy after putting up the framing
around the kennel door. Peter hand built all the houses, he worked
very hard on this and the chowdren LOVE them. Its a peaceful place
to hang out, I love going inside them and 'getting away from it all.'
We will have the perimeter of the kennels in gravel
and some decorative rocks surrounding the grassy
center. :-)
This is 4 of the planned 6 kennels built. They aren't quite finished yet but still
looking ok so far. Our chowdren rotate from kennels to house, and all get to have fun
and run in the main yard with us. You just can't run them all together at once.  
Picture taken after a rain. Landscaping  not completed.
These are our Rescue /Spare kennels. I typically have
these completely open in the event of the need to rescue
or separate girls in heat we don't want bred on that heat.
Puppies are always whelped and raised by us inside our
Whelping/Guest house. They have a home setting, with a TV
where they like to watch QUBO :-) We have a live puppy cam
where you can watch your baby grow up.
We have 2 indoor kennel runs
and also use the Master
Bathroom in the guesthouse if
needed with baby gates.

Puppies are born in a whelping
box for thier safety.
We veil off the are for the
newborns until they are about 4
weeks old or if there is another
Mom in the building.
We have some crates we use to hold the
babies while sanitizing the puppy enclosures.
We also will crate them the night before a
puppy may be shipped. (Most are picked up,
we prefer that)

This is our home, these are our babies, and we
love them. We raise them with love and hope
it shows.