red smooth girl
My beautiful Layla  is now spayed.
Layla's Pedigree and health certificates
Hi I am Layla, my nickname here is Tayta,  sometimes even Layla potatoe.
I am the first smooth to ever bless Rhenegade. I am the bridge between
Zorros Dynasty and Rhenegade. If my mom could have chosen my name she'd
have named me Olive, since I was an olive branch between the two. I am by
far just the sweetest chow chow you will ever meet. I am a peace maker in so
many ways. I don't like it when the boy chowdren spat so i get n the middle
and don't let them. I love my mom  and family and they love me. My
daughter's Brandy  and Pryde live here. I am so loved My mom cannot
imagine life without me.  If you visit me I will lavish you with love. I am not
very aloof but I am a chow chow. woof woof- Layla