Stud service is availabe for those who have health tested
their Bitch and plan to place the puppy's in a most
responsible manner.
Intl CH Zorros Dynasty Mamba OFA
throws at least 3 colors Black Blue Red
and both coat types.
If your girl is in heat she must be very ready,
he will breed if she allows him to.
Registered with AKC and UABR
Intl CH Canton Brodrick O'Amulet OFA
10 generations of OFA behind him
throws at least 4 colors, Cinn, Black,
Cream, Red and throws both coat types.
If your girl is in heat and ready, he will
breed immediately.
Registered with AKC,CKC and UABR
Rhenegades Atomic Boom DNA
Obviously very unique, he is a Blue Merle, yeah
he's rare, and he's microchiped and GPS'd for
security. No he is not a mix, he is what happens
when Meiosis can't decide on a solid color.
He can throw 6 colors, yes 6. All 5 recognized
colors and he also throws Merle.
He is a natural breed to a female who is in heat.
Stud fee is $1000.
Rhenegades Micah of Godfrey OFA, DNA
Gorgeous sweet disposition LARGE red male,
throws all 5 colors colors and both coat types.
If a girl is ready he will give it his all.
Rhenegades Black Maverick OFA
Throws 5 colors including a rare dark
He is a very sweet guy and will easily breed a
girl who is ready.
only rough coats
To have a stud service
performed you would
need to bring your girl
here at the beginning of
her heat and she would
remain here in our good
loving care for 2 - 3
weeks Or you can bring
her when you know she is
ready, and we can do 4
days of natural breeding.
You could also pay for
fresh chilled or frozen
sperm to be mailed at
your own expense.
All stud services will have
a contract drawn.