I miss you all so much.
Rhen.3/4 chow 1/4 lab. The beginning of my love of chow
chows. My first dog. My first child.
Sept 92-Aug 99
Pictured with her son, one of the only six puppies born to
Rhen and Teddy.
Way back before I had a clue about HD or breed
standards, Everyone starts somewhere and this was my
starting point.
Theodore von Ivory CGC, aka Teddy Sept
5, 94-Aug 96
My first purebred chow, he was a gentle
soul. I was encouraged to put him to
sleep from the breeder of 3 of my
showdogs because he had hip
dysplasia...I miss you Teddy.
Sired 1 litter.
Domar Rhenegades Wild Thang OFAG
aka Gade Jan 6, 98-July 27,05
The sweetest Baby boy I could have ever
asked for. I will miss you forever. my 5th
chow. sired 0 litters. I was there the day
he was concieved, the day he was born via
c section, and was there the day he
passed.  He will always be with me in my
heart and in the name of every chow born
Loray Rhenegades on Cloud Nine
Domars Standing Outside the
aka Flame Jan 24, 96-Dec 31 99
She died when one of my ex
husbands drowned her with his
bare hands.
Her nephew was Gade, he died at
7.5 and her sister Sassy at 4 yrs
11 months.  I loved her very
much, she was my 4th chow and
came to me as a 2 year old adult.
She was bred to BISS CH
Linnchow Cinnbad and Gave
birth to 1 stillborn puppy, a
beautiful little red girl just like her.
This is my Jubilee, he was born with a hiatal hernia.
He had surgery to correct this and lived to 2  years old,
his vet gave him a 1 year life expectancy.. He was
gorgeous. I miss him and hope his short life was a
happy one. I had waited so long to have a Tango
grandson, I was so proud to have him, even for such a
short time.
We are also remembering Rhenegades Zuess who was ran over by
his cruel owner at only 14 weeks old when she wasn't bothered to
make sure he was safely inside.
And Rhenegades Pongo, who didnt recieve adequate medical
attention by his owner and died alone in a hospital with no one
there to help him. And we pray for his brother who is the same
home and we contine to fight for his safe return to us.
We also are mouring for Rhenegades Gypsy Rose,
MURDERED by her so called mother. To that so called person, YOU had
other choices, you are insane and I hope Gypsy haunts your every night
and day, May she rest in peace, but not you, you Murderer.
I am lucky to have saved 4 of my babies from having this happen to
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Domars Sassypants of Kiebler OFAG
aka Sassy
Sept 16, 94 -Aug 99
Rhens best friend. my 3rd chow, she
came to me as a 2 year old adult. She
had the worst problems. We tested her
for so many things. I will not place a
photo of her in last months it's just too
sad. She was spayed and had 0 litters
INTL CH Majety's Missing Link
Our beloved boy was hung in our backyard.
We are without words except for how much
we miss him.
Rhenegades Mazie Mae
We are at a loss my girl. I miss you so much. I
hope you didnt suffer only one person knows.
Intl CH Canton Broderick O'Amulet
My sweet boy, My true Champion. You
earnedOur beloved Brody passed away in
an accident at home in TN.
March 8, 2007- June 2nd 2013.
Rhenegades Micah of Godfrey OFA
Nov 14 2006- Jan 26 2015
Murdered by a selfish child, who I will never forgive
for this horrific act, also responsible for Mazies death.
May god have mercy on your soul. Micah... my boy :'(
Amulet Sonnet Majesty
July 29 2005- Jan 6 2016
passed peacefully in her sleep. Sonnet
Bonnet, I love you. Thank you for the
purple kisses. Your children and
granchildren live on in your memory.
On Jan 28 2017 We had our beloved Brandy, Nat CH Rhenegades
Courvoisier VSOP murdered while pregnant.
March 15 2017 Rhenegades Autumn Blaze was murdered...
Sept 16 2017 My beloved Rhenegades Ember Flame went to sleep
peacefully while laying down.
Sept 17 2017 Rhenegades Amaretto Latte passed in her kennel as well
right beside of where Ember was.
Rhenegades Silver Lining, 11/20/18
Zorros Dynasty Layla 12/20/18
Rhenegades Outta this World 6/5/20
Zorros Dynasty Thunder of Rhenegade 6/23/20
Rhenegades Remember I'm Sassy 6/10/20
Rhenegades Atomic Boom Dec 16 2006-Oct 23, 2020  My boy Ill
forever miss you.

This entire page is my heart being ripped out and shredded... I am Numb..