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To quote my Anatomy and Physiology book, "Life is extraordinarily complicated, and health is the result of numerous things going just right."-Thomas Colville
I have a greater understanding of genetics from being a certified vet asst and having gone to Vet tech school, and in the breed since 1990.  Even with the best available testing (OFA, PennHIP, Cerf etc), you can have
a parents that produce offspring that are afflicted with a hereditary disease or are carriers themselves. The only way to get a 100% guarantee is to know that both parents are homozygous dominant for the gene: do
not have the disease, nor carry it (AA) If you have parents that are not afflicted but carriers they are heterozygous: unafflicted but carriers (Aa) If you breed two unafflicted heterozygous (healthy but carriers) you have a
25% chance of producing offspring that are afflicted (aa), 25% chance of unafflicted and non carriers (AA), and 50% chance of unafflicted carriers (Aa). The only way to assure that no puppies will be afflicted is to have
at least one parent homozygous Dominant, unafflicted, non carriers. Best case scenaria is both parents homozygous dominant, no offspring will be carriers or afflicted. This is nearly impossible to determine without
knowing the genetic makeup for the dogs or bitches. You would need a facility who can isolate the alleles and be able to tell you if they are heterozygous or homozygous. I am currently looking for such facility. Until  
there is such a test the very best I or any breeder can do is OFA, hips, patellas, elbows, heart, thyroid and CERF the eyes. Using the knowledge of thise to  breed what we know to be healthy unafflicted adults to like
and bet on our 75% chance of producting healthy puppies. I continue to strive to do all I can to produce healthy puppies
You can see all health tests that hve been completed here under each individual chowdren page, . after reading this go to meet the chowdren, click on a chow kid and click on health certifications.

We prefer you to  have a fenced yard, for the safety of your puppy,  if not  you are to inform me on how you intend to excersize your puppy. If you live in an apartment, I have many solutions for your canine needs.
Including indoor dog potties, and or  doggie litter boxes.I help with how to's on house training.  You should look into a vet puppy care package, this insures proper routine care and cuts down on the  cost for you,.
Once you have a Veterinarian picked please inform me on their name and address and if you should change vets the new info as welll as. I will ask to be informed of how the vet visits go as  I genuinly care deeply for
my babies. You will authorization to speak to me should I need to call for any reason. If you are getting a puppy from me you will have seen that  these are loved family members not be purchased as yard ornaments.   
Your puppy can't be left outside in a doghouse and forgotten about. They cannot be chained up, or tethered.  Again these  puppies are bred and raised to be HOUSE PETS/FAMILY MEMBERS, we will not allow them to
be yard ornaments.. They aren't puppies forever enjoy them and teach them, for what you put into them, or not, is what you will get out of them.  And puppies are very naughty and WILL chew anything you leave out.
Your house will need to be baby proofed like you are expecting to bring home a toddler.. You WILL need a crate. Consider it  their crib.   I provide more information on housebreaking/training and how to clean up any
accidents. Full grown they will weigh about 48 lbs although some of our puppies fully grown have reached 60+lbs.. These puppy's are bred with the hope that they live to be 10-15 years old.. So if you do not have the
intention of caring for your puppy for the next 15 years then please do not take on one of my puppys or any puppy for that matter. On top of the cost of buying the puppy and having it transported to you, you will need the
funds for a vet visit once it gets to you, the crate mentioned above, grooming supplies, monthly heartworm; and flea control, toys, at least 3 collars from 8 weeks to 1 year (buckled ones) and of course a good quality
dog food containing lamb and rice. And that is just the; basics. On average your puppy will cost about $50-100 a month after you bring him or her home. So make sure that you have that in your budget before adopting
a cute furry adorable little puppy that has needs. They are called furkids for a reason :-)  We have a common sense contract. For the responsible person, it is nothing at all. For the irresponsible person, well if that is
you, are probably exiting my website now. :-) Still here? Yeah!  You are probably responsible... Now please fill out our questionaire and email it to me and then feel free to call me so we can get to know each other.
Call  or text 540 835 7120

COMPENSATION FOR WHAT WE DO and what comes with our puppys.
We are a hobby kennel, and even with the compensation for our puppies we rarely make a profit it goes right back into vet bills or dog food. With 26  dogs, they have a lot of needs. Its costs about $450  to raise each
puppy to 8 weeks of age, and the love we provide is priceless. This is a passion and nothing more nothing less.
We have also do rescue and donated to our local humane  society / animal control. So please understand when you adopt a puppy from us,  the funds go to our chows  as a hobby kennel not as an income. We
sometimes take a loss when it's all said and done and that is ok, as this is our hobby and passion. The adoption  price is found on our
puppies page.
I do not ship outside of the 48 lower States. Please do not ask, the answer is no..  If you are inquiring please do not sign my guestbook with inquiries as I may not see it for a while and  it will delay  contacting you,
instead after reading the contract and filling out the
questionaire email it with your inquires to and she will fwd the questions to me you can call me at 5408189025

Our puppys are not ready to go to a new home until they are 8  weeks old.  Our puppy's come with Lots of love, and care, and for most part house trained. They are required to be spayed or nuetered by 6 months of
age.  They also have, 1st  shots, deworming, a microchip and are registerable with either AKC or UABR I will tell you which I am using for that particular litter. , a puppy care kit, health guarantee on life threatening
congenital defects found within 6 months of age  and information on caring for your chow chow, and me, the breeder available to you for help, mentoring and being here for any questions that you have. Registration  
fee is due at puppy pick up and is the registry, either United All Breed or AKC, this also included their microchip registration. :-)
All puppies are placed  out on a  legal binding contract, valid in the 48 contenintal United States, and Alaska. please read the contract prior to contacting me if you can.
Iif you feel you cannot comply   with the contract then you don't have to get a puppy from us, it is non negotiable.
I do not ship  outside, or place puppies outside  the US.

Would you wrap up a human baby and give it as a gift for Christmas? Probably not. Please remember that "pets" are family members. Christmas is a very dangerous time for young puppies. There is glass
ornaments and chocolate all around. people coming and going. What I recommend for those who wish to add a family member at this time, is to NOT bring a puppy home on Christmas day or before, but merely to
contact the breeder and if a puppy is available sometime AFTER christmas reserve that puppy to pick up after holday decorations are put away and your routine is back to normal.
Instead of giving the puppy on Christmas day, give the items that the puppy will need such as a crate, toys, food, puppy pads, leash collar, wellness plan membership or doggie insurance. etc, wrap it and give a card
with a picture of the puppy, or a picutre of the breed inside. It will be such a special surprise and yet will make it even more special as the puppy will be safe.
Puppies take a lot of work, do not enter into a long commitment if you are unsure of your ability to keep that  commitment.

Breeding is very serious. It is NOT a money making event, and if that is what you are looking for, please check into an ebay store or part time job  rather than producing lives that will need you as a back up plan.  It
takes a great deal more than finding a male and female and wanting puppies. For this reason, should you wish to breed your chow puppy, we will have a very long and thorough discussion on this to make sure you
are ready. And if you are intimidated by this, then you are not ready. We will be on your papers as Co owners until you have successfully tested your breeder as we have tested ours. It is to insure quality offspring, with
minimal chance of health problems. Our kennel name is attatched to your puppy, that means our reputation is at stake and you are representing us through your breeding. On top of that you must understand that this
is not a part time business. You can't have a full time job and let your dogs "do their thing" and expect for everything to be ok. It doesn't work that way. This is a full time commitment, you have dogs to groom, train and
care for, you need to know the dates that they tie, (mate) You need to know when the first and last due date is, and know what to do when there is trouble with delivery. You have to have a clean indoor place for
puppies to whelp and be on hand to assist and not let them free whelp alone with out anyone there to make sure they and their babies are ok. You have to be able to take a puppy that was not formed proplely and
have it put to sleep.
There is so much to being a good breeder, more than I can fit in one paragraph on one page. .  You also have to know that so many people do NOT do this right, and that is why that there are
3000 chows a day in shelters that are put to sleep, alone and scared, because their breeder didn't give them a back up plan, they didnt help train the puppy parents and help them,  and their breeders before
them and so on. .
Someone MUST be responsible and not treat dogs as merchandise, but living breathing family members. I support RESPONSIBLE BREEDING, but I will NOT allow any of my puppies to remain
intact unless you meet my terms. And if you break my contract and breed your chow anyways, i will sue you for 2x the cost of  YOUR puppy per puppy you produce, plus attorneys fees and court costs.. I will also find
you in breach of contract and seek to re obtain the dog or bitch. If you do not like this, simple, follow the contract, take care of your dog or bitch.I am the first one who is aware accidents happen, it is why I take the
guess work out and fix them before they leave. If you want a breeder contract, we'll discuss this prior to you chosing a puppy. I co own all my intact chowlings that leave here, and to date, this is only 2. Once you have
met the terms and have had the health testing done, and they pass, then i sign off on the papers. All puppies leave here with the main purpose of being a loved family member first and foremost.
For those breeders that are doing it right and do make a profit, (I know...its about laughable) it is no different than working 40+ hours a week. They earned it. I do not believe a person must  show in order to breed.
That is a brainwashing tactic, been there done that. I refuse to have that narrow minded view any longer.I believe in health testing and breeding well tempered structurally sound dogs. But they do need to do health
testing and place puppies responsibly giving them a backup plan.

After reading all this if you are respsonsible, easy going, and a genuinely good natured person, If I can be of any help to you in your pursuit for a healthy puppy bred to be a loving family member with the goal of a long
life, then please conatct me at my email address and givie me a call too. If you email me and don't get a response then Please check your spam filter as sometimes my emails end up there.  If you have any
questions feel free to contact me. I know some of this may seem over the top, however the 3000 chows+ a day that are put to sleep every day sure probably wished the person who welcomed them into life took as
much care so they wouldnt suffer and be alone, and then killed. i do what I do because I love this breed, I love my chows and I care about the puppy parents they go to...To me it is not about "selling a puppy." cringe....
it is about placing the right puppy in the right home. If I don't have the right puppy, I will help you find it.
Thank you,
The McNeals
540-818-9025 and 540-835-7120
We are located in Floyd County Virginia
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Please fill in this questionaire, and please don't be intimidated if you are a loving responsible person, just answer honestly.